To continue to develop my reading, writing, and research skills.

To continue to develop my reading, writing, and research skills will not be a hard task. I am in college where my knowledge in all these are being testing in almost every class I take. As well as that I want to continue to further my development with these areas by taking classes that will challenge the way I do the things I do now. I will make sure to develop these skills by practicing my ways of writing with all my papers I do for all classes. As well as when I do the papers to make sure I do great research by reading all the topics I need to. Those are the ways I will continue to further my development in reading, writing, and research in my future.


Why I chose for my Video.

The things I chose to use for my video were very easy to find. The only hard part about it was putting it into an order were it would look good together. Although I am not half way done, I think it is going together very well. I have good pictures that will grab the attention of the people watching as well as facts that will amaze the viewers as well. My main problem I am having now is just minor issues with adding music and adding a video that would really help bring it all together.

Inspirational Video

This video I found on football hard hits. The reason I chose to use this video is because a majority of these hits could of probably ending in some kind of concussions. These hits are very violent and in now a days NFL or NCAA half these hits would be a flag or fine to the player giving the hit. As violent of these hits are they were legal and its how football is, a violent hard playing game.


Portfolio 2 Revisited

I felt like my paper was very detailed in how I approached the concussion topic. I tried to make sure that I made my paper easy to read. As well I put a lot of research into my topic since it is something I have to deal with in football. My paper as of right now, is sent to Dr. Lackey for some review so I can make sure it is up to standards. But I feel that I have made a high B or low A. I want to be hard on my grading so I can be more realistic with it. In all I del like this paper was a lot of work for just one paper. So I am really happy it is over and ready to move onto the final project. 

Annotated Source 4

This paper was written about a study of 49 college teams were studied over the 8-year period from 1975 to 1982. This represented over 36,000 athlete-seasons and 395 team-seasons. The data selected were limited to 1,005 game-related concussions. In the study it tried to determine which position was at the most risk to receiving a concussion. The study also aimed to see what kind of play was the most at risk for a concussion to happen. They found that offense and defensive players involved in blocking on a rushing play were the most at risk. The offensive player that was the most at risk was the running back, while on defense the secondary players. The positions that were the safest on offense would have to be the linemen and the quarterback. The defensive player that was the safest was the linebacker.


MLA; Buckley, W.E. “Concussions in College Football.” The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Jan. 1988. Web. 22 Feb. 2012.

Project so far

For this project so far I have been looking into the causes of concussions in football and how they happen. This has been a big eye opener and has had a lot of research to go along with it. I have also found a lot of sources that I can use after having a meeting with Dr. Lackey. The biggest question I am still having is the paper and the detail it will involve. So far I have my 8 different sources and I am working on citing each of them. I know the paper will be long because of all the information I had gathered already. As of right now the background that a reader would need to know for my paper would be a common knowledge of football and nothing much. I try to explain most of the basic terms and break down how they talk abut things the best way I can. So far I have so many sources and evidence that I have most, if that all the information I need right now. I have gotten a lot of my sources off of creditable websites and my athletic trainers. This project isn’t too hard, just very time consuming and involves a lot of effort. 

Annotated Sources 3

In this article it discusses how about 300,000 concussions occur in sports related injuries. Also that you have about a 19 percent chance to sustain a concussion per year.  There are about 62,000 concussions in football alone; 34 percent of athletes have a concussion. While up to 20 percent report having two or more concussions. Having two or more concussions can be very dangerous; there have been 26 deaths since 1984. There was a study done that showed the longer (24 hours, 5 days and 10 days) an athlete is out after a concussion the better their memory will become after. Concussions cause severe problems in the brain with things like memory, problem solving, planning, and other basic brain functions. If you do ever receive a concussions there are different ways to get check concussion or post-concussive syndrome using multiple concussion scales, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and EEG. Most have been unsuccessful but they will at least help the doctor some. Studies have shown that males vest females, that female will report if they have concussion like symptom’s first.  If you get a concussion there is a time period to how long you should stay out of school, athletic completions’, and work. All this is manly depending on the individual’s age and if they are male or female